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You get goods sent to our offices in Miami, and then we send your goods using our own network to the UK. We will invoice you for any duty and VAT along with your shipping costs in Pound Sterling, so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Step by Step Guide
Keeping You Informed

This website provides our customers up to date tracking information for their parcel, as well as other useful tools when buying goods and importing them into the UK.


Affordable Shipping

Once you have taken advantage of a good exchange rate to buy your goods, you then don’t want to loose out with expensive shipping, or by paying for the shipping in US dollars. With Shipped4U you won’t.

Fast Delivery with no Nasty Surprises

When buying goods in the US you want your goods delivered as quickly as possible once they have reached the UK, and you don’t want the shock of a duty and VAT invoice after you have received your goods. With Shipped 4U you won’t.

Step by Step Guide

Ship from USA to UK

Shipped 4 U

With the strong performance of the Pound against the US dollar over the past few years, people have wanted to buy goods on-line from US retailers as a bargain can be had, and some items can only be bought in the US.

However, many online US retailers will only ship goods to a US address which has meant that here in the UK online shoppers have had to miss out on the chance to get a bargain, or even get goods that can only be found in the US.

Shipped4U offers a simple to use service so that you can take advantages of the exchange rate, and get your desired item even if you only have a UK address.

For a one off membership cost the Shipped4U service gives you your own unique US address allowing you to buy online in the USA, and then once we receive them at our offices in Miami, your goods are then shipped to our UK office at a cost effective price, and then onto your home address.

For detailed information please click on our Step by Step Guide, or call us and will be only too pleased to talk to you more about our easy to use service.

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